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Providing timely solutions in the Life Settlement Market.

Why Liberty Universal Life Settlements?

Liberty Universal Life Settlements team has over 35 years in the insurance industry, and has had over 25 years experience with the Life Settlement market. Our team was founded upon a unique approach to the life settlement market. We have for over two decades provided education to both the legal community and to financial and estate planning professionals on investment and asset protection practices. With certified continuing education qualifications in over 30 states we have worked with legal professionals to identify the pitfalls in the investment and estate planning industry. This education and investment background has placed as uniquely able to navigate the complex world of Life Settlements, and therefore provide comprehensive services to our customers.

Based out of Southern California Liberty Universal Life Settlements has built alliances with market leaders in the Life Settlement industry. Due to our teams deep history with Life Settlements, insurance vehicles, estate planning and the legal environment, we are determined to ensure that each policy holder receives the best service and pricing on their asset. From inception, underwriting, and through funding Liberty Universal Life Settlements has consequently built a network that shelters individuals from potential problems inherent with many unseasoned brokerages.


  • Decades of experience in our network
  • Streamlined paperwork for timely funding
  • Advanced underwriting techniques for smooth transactions
  • Full disclosure of all fees and commissions
  • Access to our extensive network of institutional partners


  • Secure the highest market value for your Life Insurance policy
  • Protect you assets and obtain the best possible offer
  • Network of institutional funds for highest possible valuations
  • $3 Billion liquid market for Life Settlement products
  • Auction process ensures the highest offer is secured for our clients


  • Experianced team can guide you through process
  • Our network brings decades of Life Settlement experience.
  • Friendly staff is happy to help educate clients before they decide
  • Simple six step process makes transactions intuitive


  • Comprehensive privacy policy and strict adherence to HIPAA
  • Nationwide licensing and regulatory compliance
  • Regulatory compliance to facilitate successful transactions
  • On-call legal and compliance department

How we work.

Contact Us

  • We will explain the process thoroughly to you
  • Determine if you qualify for a Life Settlement
  • Discuss your policy value to determine goals

Policy Transfer

  • Complete Documents to facilitate policy transfer
  • Initiate funds escrow account and submit necessary forms
  • Documents are verified and final payment is received by customer

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