What People Are Saying About Our Network

Testimonial from James P.

“I am taking this opportunity to send you this letter of both appreciation and recommendation regarding the life settlement transaction that you handled for me and which was recently completed. The services that you rendered me were performed in a most professional and efficient manner in all respects in connection with this transaction. I am sure that your dealings and efforts with potential buyers were most diligent and resulted in your obtaining, for me, the most favorable offer to purchase my insurance policy and I greatly appreciate your performance in that regard. Throughout the whole process, you kept me well informed, promptly responded to my emails, calls and inquiries, and kept me well apprised as to the procedure being followed and the progress of the transaction. You did what you promised and followed through with the necessary steps in completing the purchase and sale of my policy. For all of the foregoing, I again thank you. I will be more than happy to recommend your services to my friends and clients.”

-James P.

North Carolina

Testimonial from Christopher and Leigh C.

“My wife was recently diagnosed with a rare inflammatory breast cancer (final stage) and has metastasized to the bones, skeletal and cranium… Nick was the rep that handled my wife’s case. He has been in constant touch with her and this empathy has been sincere. He truly understands how we both feel physically, emotionally and financially. He is not a “sales rep” by any means. Nick went above and beyond his call of duty and everyone in this business should follow suit. He is a professional as well as a gentleman… although this disease has been life changing, Nick made sure that we were not alone in the battle. For anyone out there that may have doubts or concerns; they should first talk to Nick and his company. In time, they too will realize what I just shared and they too will find the time to say thank you. Keep up the good work you always be highly recommended by me, my family and friends… Thank you, though words are simply not enough.”

-Christopher and Leigh C.

New York

Testimonial from Mary C.

“What I liked best about working with you was the professionalism. They explained the process clearly, were receptive to my questions, and were terrific with keeping me informed throughout the entire process. I definitely would recommend to my friends and associates.”

-Mary C.

New York

Testimonial from John F.

“Thank you, for finding a buyer for my term life insurance policy. The premiums had escalated to the point of no longer being manageable and there was no cash value. I had contacted two other companies that specialized in finding buyers for the existing life insurance policies and they couldn’t find a buyer. The team not only found a buyer, they handled the sale in a professional manner and regularly kept me posted as to the status of the transaction. Again, thank you.”

-John F.


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